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Camellia japonica, known as common camellia or Japanese camellia, is one of the best known species of the genusCamellia. Sometimes called the Rose of winter, it belongs to the Theaceae family. There are thousands of cultivars of C. japonica in cultivation, with many different colors and forms of flowers.

In the wild, it is found in mainland China (Shandong, east Zhejiang), Taiwan, southern Korea and southern Japan.

Tsubaki oil is the traditional personal care secret of Japan, and also currently used in personal care products in Japan. It is used to give geishas their beauty. It has a long history in East Asia in cosmetics and folk medicine for its skin and hair care benefits. It is used to nourish and soothen the skin and to keep the elasticity of the skin. Recently, scientific studies suggest the oil can improve many skin parameters, which substantiate the historical use.

Source: Wikipedia, In Cosmetics

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