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Mugwort can be considered both famous and infamous. In China, its medicinal properties were used to treat various ailments, while in European countries like England and others, it was used in witchcraft and black magic. Mugwort Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of leaves, buds, and flowering tops of the Mugwort tree, which has the scientific name Artemisia Vulgaris. The various components of this essential oil obtained from the plant are alpha thujone, beta thujone, cineole, camphene, and camphone.

Caution: This oil is toxic, irritant, neurotoxic, and abortifacient. That means, in common words, that it is poisonous, causes irritations, has toxic and narcotic effects on the brain and the nervous system and can cause abortions. It should never be used during pregnancy.


Source: Organic Facts

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