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Lavender is a species of flowering plant in the mint family, native to temperate climates around the world and cultivated for its beauty, precious oil, and serious culinary potential (have you tried lavender ice cream? Trust us on this one). The word lavender is understood to derive from the Latin root lavare (to wash), because lavender infusions have been used for centuries for hygiene and personal care. In fact, both the Greeks and the Romans used lavender to scent their clothes, beds, and baths, so we’re drawing on a seriously long tradition when we incorporate lavender into our skincare and bath formulas.

The flowers and leaves are used as a herbal medicine, either in the form of lavender oil or as a herbal tea. The flowers are also used as a culinary herb, most often as part of the French herb blend called herbes de Provence.

Lavender essential oil, when diluted with a carrier oil, is commonly used as a relaxant with massage therapy. Products for home use, such as lotions, eye pillows (including lavender flowers or the essential oil itself) and bath oils, etc., are also used. Both the petals and the oil are the most popular ingredients in handmade soap.

Dried lavender flowers and lavender essential oil are also used as a prevention against clothing moths, which do not like their scent.

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