Cinnamon Essential Oil

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Cinnamon bark oil (Cinnamomum verum) is derived from the plant of the species name Laurus cinnamomum and belongs to the Lauraceae botanical family. Native to parts of South Asia, today cinnamon plants are grown across different nations throughout Asia and shipped around the world in the form of cinnamon essential oil or cinnamon spice. Its’ believed that today over 100 varieties of cinnamon are grown worldwide, but two types are definitely the most popular: Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon.

Most Common Cinnamon Oil Uses:

1. Heart Health-Booster
2. Natural Aphrodisiac
3. Controls Blood Sugar and Insulin Release
4. Heals Skin
5. Can Help with Weight Loss
6. Reduces Ulcers
7. Fights Parasites
8. Helps Treat or Prevent Headaches

Source: draxe.com

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