Carrot Root Extract


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Carrot root extract has many beneficial properties, it can help maintain & support the healthy functioning of human systematics. This concentrated extract is a potent natural antioxidant, detoxifier, antiviral and stimulant- to list just a few of its marvelous plant properties.

Carrot root is a powerful tonic- it contains concentrated levels of naturally occurring Vitamin A. This vitamin is proven to be beneficial to the skin, providing nurturing attributes for cellular repair, naturally.

Carrot also acts as a cleansing Antiseptic- such a vital attribute to consider when balancing sebum production within the skin layers. These skin disinfecting properties, can naturally help support and treat troublesome skin conditions, such as acne, and even eczema. Nappy/diaper rash- benefits from the healing support of infused carrot oil. Try this oil on common household burns and wounds.


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