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ACNIBIO® MXR is a biodegradable wide spectrum biocide for use in cost-effective cosmetics and toiletries formulations. It is active against all types of spoilage organisms that may be responsible for the degradation of aqueous media and emulsions.

Its active ingredients are two Isothiazolones in synergetic proportions, enriched with magnesium salts, to give strong efficacy and stability.

INCI Name: Methylchloroisothiazolinone (and) methylisothiazolinone


ACNIBIO® MXR is suitable for all cosmetics (creams, masks, make up…) and toiletries(conditioners,gels,shampoos,surfactants,cleaners,detergents,soaps ).

In hot processes it is advisable to add the preservative during the cooling stage at a temperature no greater than 60oC, and preferably below 40oC.

In rinse-off products, the maximum advised (permitted in some regulations) level is 0.1 % of biocide (15 ppm of active ingredients) and, for leave-on products, a maximum of 0.05 % of the biocide (7.5 ppm of active ingredients) is advised.

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