Since we started our natural journey, one of the questions we’ve been having from happy clients is ‘How can we be a NAOE partner?‘ This question prompted us to partnering with well established stores that are aligned with our goals. However, couple of years on, with the arrival of our lovely baby boy, we decided to take a step back and focus more on our growing family. The NAOE brand  after all, is built with family in mind. This resulted to us not renewing most, if not all, our contracts with our stockists.

But, how can we make it easier for everyone to purchase their favorite NAOE products? Enter our new Neighborhood Partners. So, what’s a neighborhood partner, you say? Neighborhood Partners are our most loyal clients who loves our products so much they wanted to share it with friends and family. With loyalty comes gratitude. We want to show our utmost appreciation to our Neighborhood Partners by rewarding them a little bit.

Neighborhood Partner  will have a chance to earn, how? There will be three tiers possible.

1. Silver
Discount: 10%
Minimum Subtotal Cart Amount: P5,700
*Minimum Actual Bill Total: P5,130

2. Gold
Discount: 20%
Minimum Subtotal Cart Amount: P12,500
*Minimum Actual Bill Total: P10,000

3. Platinum
Discount: 30%
Minimum Subtotal Cart Amount: P36,000
*Minimum Actual Bill Total: P25,200

3. Diamond
Discount: 40%
Minimum Subtotal Cart Amount: P85,000
*Minimum Actual Bill Total: P51,000


*Minimum Actual Bill Total excluding shipping fees.