NAOE.ph is a brand that came out of a mother’s love for her young daughter that has been dealing with eczema. ‘Modern’ approach has been done for a couple of years. Numerous known commercial brands for soaps, moisturizers have been used, steroids even. Everything worked until it didn’t. After a couple of years, they tried going natural. What’s there to lose, right? And well, you know what they say, the rest was history.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), the so-called miracle oil stood by its name and gave amazing results. It did great, however, the smell of it didn’t quite sit well with the little girl. Enter Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Two months of continued use – day and night, the effectivity is starting to get lesser, the little girl is getting used to it. A natural reaction. From VCO to EVOO we are  now into Sweet Almond Oil. Research has been done, again. While there’s more than enough resources online, actual products are quite hard to find. And if you of find them, you have to purchase at least a liter. And so we did. Sweet Almond Oil, the third oil we came up with. Two months on, same thing – immune. We went back to VCO, EVOO and back to Sweet Almond Oil. The cycle went on until we need to add another to have longer break from the existing oils. And another, and another.

Oils are accumulating, another boost is needed – essential oils came into picture. Then came clays, charcoal, epsom salt, DIY salves and lotions that we have more than enough supplies we’re worried it might go bad. We started offering them in small amounts. Amounts that are more ideal if someone wants to try if it’s for them or not. Amounts that are not usually offered by suppliers as it was deemed too little. Next thing we know we researching about other uses of these natural wonders. Using our little understanding of chemistry, we we are able to share a little bit of our knowledge to those dealing with eczema, and soon acne problems as well, psoriasis, sun burns, sun spots, and the like.

We were invited to a one-day event for a local tv show that needs different gift ideas for the holidays. We did a brief intro and online orders started pouring in. They saw us on TV! Another 4-day stint for a group of medical students doing a fund raiser. The location this time is in a high-end mall in Katipunan Ave, QC. Holidays were in two weeks. Sales were a total surprise – in a good way, that is. The on-duty guard then suggested another site within the same mall. Talk happened and a two-week contract was signed. The bazaar is running until second week of January 2017. We’re worried we won’t have enough stocks to sell until then. Year end and we’re good.

Sales were sky rocketing. Restocking must be done everyday or we’ll run dry before we know it. Talks has been done, this time with suppliers. Schedules checked. Budget checked. Somehow NAOE.ph pulled it off. It is now almost month end of April and we haven’t left the that mall yet. What should have been fours days is now more than four months. And weekly bazaars on different places to top it off. And the rest, they say is history.