How It All Began

NAOE.ph is a brand that came out of a mother’s love for her 5yo daughter that has been dealing with eczema.



NAOE.ph is a brand that came out of a mother’s love for her young daughter that has been dealing with eczema. ‘Modern’ approach has been done for a couple of years. Numerous known commercial brands for soaps, moisturizers have been used, steroids even. Everything worked until it didn’t. After a couple of years, they tried going natural. What’s there to lose, right? And well, you know what they say, the rest was history. (more…)

Carrier Oil – defined

A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels…

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Shop hard-to-find ingredients for that all-natural, DIY recipe you’ve been eyeing at.

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Thank you for showing interest in being our Neighborhood Partner. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been getting inquiries…

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What Clients Say

  • I chanced upon their products in Retail Lab at Ayala at the 30th and it was great timing because I was just learning about using carrier oils to remedy acne (for my oily-acne prone skin). I started messaging them and whoever is manning the Facebook page is very accommodating with my queries and requests. I bought their Castor oil, Grapeseed oil (both for oil cleansing), and Safflower oil (as moisturiser at night) and I was impressed! The next day after my first try at oil cleansing, I noticed my face wasn’t as oily as it usually is (although I did not wear make up)! As you can tell, I am very impressed so far and will definitely repurchase.

    – Retail Lab Shopper
  • Bought the sweet almond oil and castor oil. The sweet almond oil has been very helpful in moisturizing my skin and keeping my eczema at bay while the castor oil works well for my very dry hands. I love how the products are affordable but they do not compromise the quality. I’m going to purchase the bigger bottle of the sweet almond oil to double as my massage oil (oh the many uses of this oil). I love it! I’m glad I discovered you at the UPTC Christmas Bazaar.

    – UP Town Center Shopper
  • My bestfriends and I bought grapeseed oil at a bazaar in UP Town. I’ve already been using rosehip oil for the face and castor oil for my lashes so I’m already into organic oils. But this! this one is amazingly of great quality and the oil is just so moisturizing I was kinda addicted to it. It gave me that glow without looking oily and I love it.

    – UP Town Center Shopper